Online Self-Publishing Resources

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions regarding how to publish books online. I basically use 3 publishers, 4 if you count both of’s websites. With these 4, you can publish in all formats and distribute worldwide for little or nothing. Royalties can be paid by check, bank transfer or to your PayPal account. Promoting your books will take more effort than writing and publishing them. If I get enough interest I may write some posts on how to get your books discovered and how to increase sales. Finally, if you are at all hesitant about self-publishing, read this.

All the sites below require that you set up an account (free with no obligation). My suggestion is that you use the publishers in the order that I have listed them below. They are listed in order of most sales for my books.

1. Kindle
Publishes for Kindle only (an company). You set your own price. Distributes worldwide for free (you can select where to distribute). I do not advise signing up for KDP Select as you must give Amazon exclusive rights to your book.
Kindle links of interest: online publishing – Getting Started.

2. Smashwords
Publishes in all electronic formats of your choice including Kindle, but does not distribute to Amazon yet. You set your own price. Distributes worldwide free (you can select where to distribute).
Smashwords links of interest:
Style Guide (free)
Book Marketing Guide (free)
The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success (free)

3. Lulu (optional with Smashwords)
Publishes in some electronic formats and in paperback. You set your own price. Distribute worldwide free for electronic formats. There is a distribution fee for paperback books.
Lulu links of interest:
Publishing Information

4. Createspace
Publishes paperbacks only (an company). You set your own price. Distributes worldwide. U. S. distribution is free, but worldwide distribution requires a fee.
Createspace links of interest:
Formatting your Files