Professionalism is Not Dead

Do you buy products online? I don’t know about you, but it seems that when I buy a product online something always goes wrong. The product was not described properly or shipment was delayed or the wrong product was shipped or the product was damaged. Needless to say, I don’t buy online often because of potential problems. When I do it is because I am getting a good deal.

Recently I wanted either a GPS or a laser range finder that I could use to check distances when I play golf. After extensive research and discussions with people who owned such a device I decided to buy a new Leupold GX-4I laser ranger finder. These things are not cheap so I went online to see where I could get the best price. I found the best price at an EBAY store where I was able to “make best offer” on the item. It included free priority shipping, so how could I go wrong? The seller had a 99.9% positive rating with over 41,000 transactions. I closed the deal and paid for the product.

A couple of days later the package arrived and I got a big surprise when I opened it. In the box, to my dismay, were two fishing reels. Ok, now I expected the worse since I surmised that the orders got mixed up during shipping. I contacted the seller through email and told him what I received. He was apologetic and told me that my package was delivered to a campus in Louisiana. At first he wanted me to send the package I received to the other person and he would have them send me my item. I said that I did not think it was a good idea to be dealing with a third person and I requested that he send me the correct item and refund postage so that I could send the box I received back to him. He agreed and two days later I received what I originally ordered. The seller did not ask me to send back the fishing reels until I received the correct product and was satisfied.

Several emails were exchanged while working out the issue. Through the whole process the seller acted professionally and I could tell he cared about his customers. I left him a positive 5 star rating on EBAY without mentioning the mix-up. The seller restored my faith in online buying and I would most definitely do business with him again.

For anyone interested the EBAY store is falconstwins. They mostly sell sports related items.