Annual Golf Trip

I just returned from my annual golf trip with the “guys.” These three day to one week trips have been going on ever since I started playing golf (over 40 years ago). Many of the participants have been there from the beginning while others came for a few years and then moved on for one reason or another. We have lost others to illness and some moved away to one of those year round sunshine states. Nevertheless, we seem to always have between 20 to 24 people. Ages range from the late 50’s up to 85 years old. Bill W. who has this knack of scheduling these ventures during the best weather conditions of the year did it again this year.

Most of the trips have taken place in my home state of Michigan, but a few times we have gone to other states like Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, North and South Carolina and others. After all this time I can say without a doubt that Michigan has many of the best courses in the country with some of the most reasonable rates.

We still play 36 holes a day, eat food that is bad for us and some still drink a little too much. Every year we say that we are going to cut back on those things, but never do. There are plenty of jokes to go around and other conversation about our ailments, family and golf scores. There is something about men being men when they get together no matter what their age. Although many old friends are gone, many new ones have been made. That is, in my humble opinion, one of the best reasons to play golf. I look forward to future trips and making new friends, having great conversations, eating good food and finally, but not least, more great golf.