My Friend and Golf Partner (update)

I wrote about my friend Bob on February 27 discussing his long term battle with prostate cancer. Since then he has completed 7 weeks of radiation for a tumor on his tail bone. Providing that he had no more tumors, he would be eligible for a new treatment that promises to cure the disease.

I received the following email from him a few days ago:

Hi Ron,

I know you wanted to know how the Dr. visit went so I am sending you this email and you can share this with whoever you would like. I had radiation for 7 weeks ending March 19. My PSA was 33 when radiation started (one of my highest readings). The next Dr. visit one week later showed it was 45. My next Dr visit 2 weeks later showed my PSA was 65 so I had another other bone CAT scan with the CAT scan including my chest area. April 19 was the appointment to talk about what they found. I have another growth this one on my spine. I will be starting chemotherapy with a drug called Taxotere on Thursday, April 26. The good news is that my major organs are clear. The chemo will be a 2hr. session, 1 day a week, every 3 weeks until 6 treatments have been completed around August 9.

Weather permitting I will see you at the course on Wednesday.


I have played golf and talked to him since the email. He is in high spirits and just looks at this latest setback as a way to aggressively attack and wipe out the disease once and for all. I hope he succeeds.

My Friend and Golf Partner

I first met Bob Poniatowski 46 years ago just a few days after I started to work for Ford Motor Company. We took up the game of golf about the same time and quickly became friends. Over the years we played in the same golf leagues, golf outings and golf trips. We both are currently playing in the same golf league and are looking forward to the spring and summer. When I decided to write Triangulate Your Golf Swing Bob was quick to encourage me and showed a willingness to help develop and prove out the ideas that I had in mind for the book. In fact, these qualities are only exceeded by his patience.

Seventeen years ago Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was the aggressive type and required that he have an operation to have the prostate removed. There were complications and he had several setbacks over the years. New treatments were developed of which he took advantage. Despite a change of diet, hormone shots, shots to harden the outer layer of his bones and others the cancer is still in his body. When it manifests itself, it does it my forming a tumor on a bone. Bob is currently going though his third round of radiation treatments. When completed, there is a possibility that he can have a new treatment just approved in this country that can wipe out the disease. He will find out more after the latest treatments are completed. Despite all this, he continues to have a positive outlook of life.

The one thing that Bob taught me that I always remember is not to rush my life away. I have no doubt that he is going to pull through this again. I am keeping him in my prayers and look forward to many more rounds of golf and laughs together.