On Getting Older

With each passing year comes another birthday and the older I get the less I care about them. This is probably because more birthdays have come and gone than are ahead. Many joys come with getting older, but there are also some bummers that come with the territory. Today, I thought I would list a few of each to see how they stack-up.

Doctors and pills
Deteriorating body parts and those that don’t perform like they once did
Passing friends, acquaintances and family

Family and friends
Sunny days on the golf course
Writing and Blogging
Hobbies (art and guitar)
Collecting things (I am not a hoarder!)
Leisurely vacations
No schedules

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, let’s see now. Looks like there more joys than bummers. In fact, it seems that I have more to do and enjoy now then when I was younger and making a living. Maybe getting older is not so bad after all.