Self-Published Books

The following are books that I have self-published. You can purchase any of the books now by clicking on the appropriate link(s) below the book image.

“This book shows just how much it takes to be able to create a realistic portrait with colored pencils. I’m very comfortable with graphite but colored pencils can be frustrating. The author’s step by step instructions were very clear but I know it will take a lot of practice to get my stuff to look anywhere near as good as his!”CLS CA 71

The author’s knowledge of golf is very well stated. His suggestions and examples are detailed and complete. The artful sketches illustrate the positions discussed and offer much to think about. The truths he offers are so simple I am surprised I haven’t thought of them. Anyone could benefit from this straight forward information. I am looking forward to this golf season to apply these simple techniques.” – Budman

Paperback “Second Edition
Paperback First Edition
Kindle Second Edition
Kindle First Edition
The above edition has been update to include content from the second edition.
Epub, PDF and HTML Second Edition
Epub First Edition

I have been playing golf for a little over a year now and I wish that I had this book when I started. When you know nothing about golf everything associated with it is intimidating. For instance, many terms were being used during my first lessons that I guess the instructor assumed I knew, but I was too embarrassed to ask what they meant. This book covers almost every subject that a new golfer needs including how to buy equipment, learning the game, rules and etiquette, how to practice, the first day on the course, opportunities to play, where to play, types of play,leagues, outings and much, much more. Additionally and most importantly, it explains how to recognize and avoid the pitfalls of golf and how to keep the game fun. This book contains a wealth of knowledge and is highly recommended.” – AngieC
Epub, PDF and HTML

For many, the guitar fretboard remains a mystery. Finally, a straight forward step by step approach that will have you playing all over the fretboard in no time. Starting with five basic patterns, this book will show you how to easily locate and play chords, scales and arpeggios in any key and mode. Over 225 charts and illustrations are included. Practice exercises for each subject gradually build your knowledge of the fretboard. This book provides the know how you need as a curious hobbiest or as someone seeking higher goals.
Paperback Color Edition
Paperback Black & White Edition
Kindle Color Edition
Kindle Black & White Edition
Epub Color Edition
Epub Black & White Edition
PDF Color Edition
PDF Black & White Edition


“Delighted is how I describe my reaction to Ron Celano’s “Henrietta’s Journal”. Henrietta was a beautiful woman, physically and inwardly. She was naive and sincere. She was a product of the pre-WW II south, where girls were raised to be ladies and subservient. It was the time of awakening of the world we were thrown into post 1941 where we learned to stand on our own two feet. She handled herself and her situation of being thrust into faraway places and unfamiliar customs with grace and style. I believe she only becomes aware of this when she is asked to journal her life experiences by her granddaughter over some 80 years later.
Then after her death her son reads Henriette’s Journal and discovers a women he did not know. This woman was his mother who revealed feelings and thoughts to him – in a way he never expected. He only knew her in a one dimensional way – as mother – this was a totally new way of seeing the woman who loved and nurtured him.
This peek into Henrietta’s Journal has made me want to sit down and pen my own journal to be experienced after my time has passed. I would love to think my children and grandchildren would learn who I really am.
By his research and many notes Ron was able to put together a new view of Henrietta’s life through her journal for those who are left behind.
” – Budman
Epub, PDF and HTML

Do you remember the recipes that your aunt, mother or grandmother used to prepare that you probably won’t experience again because they were not written down? We all do, and thus the premise for this book. Inspired by our niece, we decided to document our favorite family recipes so that family members and others can continue to enjoy them long after we are gone. Having taken over 40 years to accumulate, we’ve included the best of our traditional and holiday recipes. They include Roast Turkey, Spanish Chicken, Ribs and Kraut, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Taco Ring, good old American Potato Salad, Barbecue Chicken and many, many more. Also included are some great recipes for sauces, soups, vegetables, mixes and rubs, breads, deserts, and cookies. Herein, you are not going to find gourmet food recipes. What you will find is easy to prepare, comfort, family style food. Each recipe includes a full list of ingredients, and simple step-by-step instructions. Whether you are just learning or are an experienced cook there is something for everyone within the pages of this book.

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