Developing a Consistent and Reliable Golf Game (Part 2 – Equipment)

If you want to develop a consistent and reliable golf game then, first and foremost, you must have the right equipment. It amazes me how many people still go into the sports and golf stores and purchase golf clubs off the shelf without any idea as to whether those clubs will provide the best results for them. They are either on sale or the sales person somehow talks them into buying clubs that probably are not suited to them. In fact, I know people who buy clubs every year this way. The irony is that anyone can buy a custom set of clubs at no extra cost nowadays. The only drawback is having to wait a couple of weeks for the manufacture to build them.

There are two main considerations when buying custom clubs. First is set makeup and second is finding someone you can trust to fit you properly. I can tell you from experience that getting fit for clubs in a sports store or golf store may not be the best way to go. Just to satisfy myself, I went to several stores a while back and went through the fitting process at each one. As I suspected would happen, the specifications did not match. I was able to determine later that there is a reason for this.

It finally dawned on me as to why the major sport and golf stores had all fit me with different specifications. You see they need to sell the clubs they carry. The fact is, what you see in the stores is only a fraction of the clubs that are available in the market place. On top of that they don’t have the shaft selections for doing a good fitting job. They would have to carry 10 or 12 clubs from each manufacture, each with different shafts in order to do that. They usually carry a fitting set from just one manufacture. Therefore, they cannot fit everyone properly one hundred percent of the time. Oh, they can come close because most average golfers fall into a certain range of shaft flexes, lie angles, grip sizes and so on. But, if you have unique requirements or are a better than an average golfer then it would be best for you to determine what brand you like the best and then be custom fit by the manufacture.

Go to the manufacture demonstrations that usually take place during the spring and throughout the summer. You can find them going on at stores, golf shows, golf ranges and private clubs. Once they help you decide your set makeup, determine and write you a specification, it is best to purchase your new clubs from who ever is sponsoring the demonstrations. You stand a good chance of getting a discount by doing it this way (be sure to ask for one). Once the clubs are ordered it normally takes a couple of weeks to get them. Since most golf club manufactures are affiliated with golf ball companies, ask them if they can recommend a ball while you are being fit. They usually have different balls you can try and you might get a sleeve for free.

What do you think?

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