Developing a Consistent and Reliable Golf Game (Part 1)

If you are trying to get your game up to bogey golf level or better and nothing you do seems help, you may be paying attention to the wrong things. First, you need to realize that bogey golfers are in the top 22% of all that play the game. The second is that to get there may require a lot of effort over time with improvements coming in small increments. This may be time that you do not have. Better golfers spend a lot of time working on their golf swing and need to practice regularly just to maintain a certain skill level. For those with limited time, it would be beneficial to spend at least some of that time on what is going to result in a more consistent and reliable game.

Swing fundamentals are important, but what I am referring to may have nothing to do with swinging a golf club. For instance, it could involve paying attention to other details like making sure your equipment is right or that your course management skills are up to par or that you maintain the proper mental attitude or that you have a good pre-shot routine, etc.. These types of details can take a little effort to get right, but once they are it doesn’t take much more to maintain them. Playing at a higher level requires a certain amount of confidence. Knowing that you can still make pars or birdies after a bad hole or two and end up with good score is a comfortable feeling. This comes with practice and paying attention to the related details. They can’t be separated. Everything must work together harmoniously.

In subsequent posts on this subject I will discuss these types of details and how you can incorporate them into your game.


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