At What Level is Your Golf Game?

Building a reliable and consistent golf game takes a conscious and ongoing effort. The level a person reaches is a direct result of how much effort they put into quality learning and practicing. It is true that a person has to decide whether or not they like the game before they are willing to commit (or have) the time to learn the game. Improved levels of play are reached rather quickly in the beginning as basic fundamentals and game management skills are acquired. As time progresses it takes much more effort to learn or perfect the few things that are going to get a person to the next higher skill level. Sometimes it can take months or years before the next level is attained. Some people reach a certain skill level and are satisfied realizing that to go any further would require more effort than they are willing to put out. On the other hand, I often hear the complaints from fellow golfers about their bad play. Simply put, they would rather complain than put in the effort required to improve their game.

With some effort, eventually a person should get to the point where they are making a few pars and even a birdie or two during an 18 hole round of golf. The problem then is a very common one. That is, being able to maintain a reliable golf swing and consistent course management skills throughout a round of golf. Those double and triple bogies always seem to pop-up at inopportune times resulting in golf scores that should have been better. Most likely the cause is lack of concentration, trying to make shots that one is not capable of or lack of attention to details. It would seem that these things would be easy to correct, but sometimes it is the smallest things that cause the biggest problems. In fact, a person may not even be aware of them. For instance, if the lie of a person’s irons are off too much the ball may consistently go to the right of left. Not being aware, the person then constantly tries to correct a perceived swing fault when in fact there is no problem with their swing at all.

I need to give this subject some more thought as I do plan on doing a few posts on how to develop a reliable and consistent golf game. I welcome any ideas related to the subject.

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