Golf: Can Anyone Answer This?

Slow play continues to be discussed at the professional level as well as at the amateur levels. I previously wrote a short post about this which included a poll asking how long it should take for 4 average players to play 18 holes. The poll so far clearly indicates that it should take 4 hours. I won’t debate the time, but rather let the poll decide. It is obviously to the benefit of the golf courses to have people play faster so that they can get more golfers on the course in a day and thus more revenue.

On the professional side, I continue to ponder why nothing is ever done about slow play despite all the discussion. After some thought on this I came up with a question that I cannot answer and would like to solicit help from anyone that can. The question is: If professionals played faster during televised tournaments, say by 25%, how much revenue would that tournament loose? Considering TV time, advertising revenue, merchandise sales, refreshment revenue, charitable contributions, ticket sales, etc., it could add up to a substantial amount.

When you look at it this way, maybe there is no incentive to speed up play.


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