Golf: The 4 Most Common Setup and Swing Faults (part 2)

In part 1 of this series I discussed the grip as being one of the 3 most common setup faults. In this post I am going to talk about the other two. That is, posture and alignment.

Fault 2 – Posture
Proper posture is important because it ensures good balance throughout the swing and allows one to achieve maximum power during the downswing. The most common fault that I see with posture is when the hands are set too far away from the body with the arms extending out from the shoulders at an angle other than vertical. With the arms in this position it is difficult to create and maintain a proper swing plane which may cause the arms to reroute on the downswing. Secondly, if the arms are not allowed to hang down naturally then one must make an effort (tension) to hold them up. This can lead to tension buildup throughout the entire swing.

It has been written that the spine angle at address should be between 30 and 45 degrees from vertical. That is a substantial difference and is probably because golfers come in all different heights. Nevertheless, getting into the proper posture with the arms hanging vertically and the spine at the proper angle is not all that difficult to do. Learn how here. After learning how to obtain the proper posture and what it feels like, check it every time you make a swing.

Fault 3 – Alignment
Alignment is simply the process of making sure the feet, knees, hips, shoulders and eyes are parallel to each other and to the target line. Average golfers usually get their feet, knees and hips aligned parallel, but fail to get them to align parallel to the target line. The tendency is to align everything towards the target line. At the same time, the shoulders tend not to be aligned with the rest of the body, but rather in an open position . This can cause a shot to go left or right off the club face or cause an otherwise good shot to go right of the target. Learn how to achieve the proper alignment here.

Obtaining the proper grip, posture and alignment before every shot will contribute to better performance on the golf course. Check them often as you work them into your pre-shot routine.

In part 3 of this series I will discuss a swing key that you must get correct to execute a good golf shot.

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