Golf: Pace of Play

Lately there has been a lot of discussion at the professional level about slow play. Kevin Na’s inability to pull the trigger at the Players Championship and Morgan Pressel’s demise at the Sybase Match Play are two examples. Unfortunately, these things always filter down to us average golfers. Courses increasingly demand that we play faster despite the fact that most of us don’t use a caddy familiar with the course, have the benefit of a rules official and often times play on courses that have difficult set-ups. All of us should do what we can to keep the pace of play reasonable, but what is reasonable?


2 thoughts on “Golf: Pace of Play

    • Hi Stephan,
      Thanks for the visit and the comment. Ya, here in the U.S. it takes 4 hours or a little more for 2 professionals to play 18 holes. It take 3 players about 4 1/2 hours. Seems to me that they should be setting the example for the rest of us. Clearly they are not.

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