The Backswing, Getting it Right.

Previously I posted that if you have limited practice time there are three things that you should work on. They are based on the things that a person must get correct to make a good golf swing. The first thing and subject of this post is the backswing. The object of having a good backswing is to get your body, arms, hands and club shaft in the proper position at the top. The two most popular methods are called “the one piece takeaway” and the “right forearm takeaway.” In my book “Triangulate Your Golf Swing” I discuss the one piece takeaway because it is the most widely taught. In reality, I use the right forearm takeaway because it seems to fit my body type and flexibility capabilities the best.

Rather than try to explain the differences I went on an Internet search to see what I could find. The following is the best article that I came across (backswing article). It is a lengthy article and a bit technical. You may have to read parts of it a couple times to understand the concepts. Also, there are links to related articles which lengthens the reading time. I would advise to bookmark the link so that you can go back to it as needed. Once you know how the backswing should end up and the different ways of getting there, try the methods out on the practice range to see which one best suits your body type and swing style.


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