To Make a Good Golf Swing, You Must do These.

This week we had a good turn out for our Wednesday tee times. The weather cooperated and everyone had a good time. My game was about the same as last week, but I learned a few things about my swing. Today, I went to the range and after about 15 or 20 minutes I was hitting the ball about as good as I can. This got me to thinking. During that 15 or 20 minutes I probably hit about as many balls as I would in an 18 hole round of golf. So without warming up and hitting some balls before a round, what chance does the average golfer have of shooting a good round. Probably little to none. Fact is, in todays faced paced world people have little time to warm up before stepping on the course. It is out of the car, do a little chipping and putting and off we go. Practice time is usually limited also. So, I thought about what two or three things must be done absolutely correct in order to make a good swing.

I finally concluded that in order to make as good a swing as possible every time, three things must be done correctly. They are – (1) getting the proper turn going back (2) creating lag or making the proper transition and (3) knowing how to release the club. This is not to say that grip, set-up, tempo, timing and rhythm and other aspects of the swing are not important. Those things are important, but if they are a bit off you can usually still make a good swing providing the three things I mentioned above are correct. So if you have limited time for practice, learn and work on the things that always must be done correctly to make a good swing and your game will improve. In future posts I will discuss creating the proper backswing, lag and the release.


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