Golf in the Middle of March, in Michigan?

Golf in the Middle of March, in Michigan? Ya, it is kind of unheard of around here. Well, believe it or not a lot of golf was played in January and through the current date in Michigan. We are on track for having the warmest March on record. This does not bode well for global warming, but is great if you want to get out and play some golf.

After practicing all winter in my basement I was ready to get out and play. So, a few days ago I emailed my senior golf league buddies asking who might want to play golf. I set up tee times for 3 foursomes and anxiously waited for the replies. I also made a few phone calls to those that don’t have email. Eight people committed to play (including myself). Seven people actually showed up and one had to leave after hurting his back on the third hole. The six that were left enjoyed what turned out to be a beautiful day. I think it was 74 degrees when I left the course.

Two things became quite apparent from this first day out on the course. First, some people are just not ready to play golf in March. Second, we were all, you might say, out of golf shape. Walking is the best exercise, but as seniors we need to do a little more to get ready for a game of golf.

It’s always best to do warm-up exercises and stretches before heading for the golf course. This is especially true of seniors, who can get more length in their swing with increased flexibility. Taking an extra 10 to 15 minutes to do exercises before the start of your round can do wonders for your game.

Hip and Shoulder Roll
Take your 4-iron and lay it on top of your shoulders with your hands on top of it. Turn as far as you can to the left, as if you were completing your follow-through, and hold the stretch for three seconds. Then turn to the right as far as you can, as if you were completing your backswing, and hold that stretch for three seconds. Do this 10 times for each side.

Shoulder Shrugs
This exercise will help get your shoulders prepared for the full swing you will take from the tee or the fairway. Hold your arms at your sides and gently shrug your shoulders up until they are close to the level of your ears. Roll them forward and then back to the starting position. Do this 10 to 15 times before starting your round.

Hip Flexes
Take an iron and grab the head with both hands and hold it vertically and straight in front of you with shaft on the ground. Now, swing one leg under the shaft 10 times and then the other 10 time. Turn the hips as far as you can without making it uncomfortable.

This warm weather is supposed to continue throughout next week. I have made tee times again for three foursomes. I hope the turn out is better this time.


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