Natalie Gulbis Poses for Sports Illustrated

By now most golfers have heard about or seen the pictures of Natalie Gulbis in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. If not, you can view them by clicking here. Her swim suit is not a swim suit at all, but body paint. Although she has only one win on the LPGA tour, she has never had any reservations about cashing in on her beauty (lucky for us). Two things come to mind when I look at the pictures. First – Is her body really that free of blemishes? Second, what does the LPGA think about all this? This is not the first time Natalie has posed for provocative pictures and with the LPGA struggling to get new sponsors, why not take advantage of their stars? Actually, Natalie is very active in promoting the sport she loves and works tirelessly to do so. As for the LPGA…they have been quiet about the photos. If anyone knows different, please let me know. I am not sure if the LPGA has anything to do with the pictures or if it is just Natalie’s way of promoting the tour. What do you all think?

1 thought on “Natalie Gulbis Poses for Sports Illustrated

  1. I would think that the LPGA would have more to say about this. Natalie has a fine body, who could dispute this fact, but is this what we want to focus on?

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